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A Simple Project that Reveals Much Bigger Water Issues

The team at Blackstone are honest, capable, caring and efficient. They’ve helped us through many renovations in fully occupied multi-family apartment buildings, not an easy task. Highly recommended.
Tom Richman, Manager

Project Details

  • Location
    Berkeley, CA
  • Year
  • Size
    15 Units
  • Type

Discovered Water Intrusion Problems and Provided Remedy

This project began as a simple project to reframe two balconies and install waterproofing and railings per the plans associated with such. Blackstone discovered a much bigger issue at the property due to water issues. All the decks including the framing as wells as the stucco required complete removal and replacement as a result.

San Francisco Renovations by Blackstone Inc

01 – The Completed Exterior

San Francisco Water Intrusion Repairs by Blackstone Inc

02 – Water Intrusion Repairs


Install Windows & Flashing and Repair Decks & Stucco

Blackstone communicated the water issues with the client immediately and effectively. A plan of action was developed to resolve the issue as quickly and as cost effective as possible. All of the windows were replaced including resolving the flashing where required to ensure no future water issues would occur. The decks were all repaired and reframed throughout the building. The stucco was completely redone where required.
  • Exterior Window Repairs

    Exterior Window Repairs

  • Window Repair & Stucco Installation

  • Exterior Finished Decks


    Resolved all Water Related Construction Issues

    Blackstone has resolved all water related issues at the project to date and has provided the client with the building they were hoping for. The building is now complete and fully rentable for the client.
    Exterior San Francisco Renovation Results

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