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Summit Ridge external view with yard in front Summit Ridge external view with yard in front
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Full Replacement of Exterior Building Envelope for Multifamily Townhome Community

Blackstone Global’s Reconstruction Building Services

Blackstone Global has extensive experience in reconstruction. The company has rebuilt homes, businesses, and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed. Blackstone Development Inc. uses the latest construction techniques and materials to ensure that its reconstruction projects are completed to the highest standards.

Featured Project
Summit Ridge Community HOA

Blackstone Scope of Work

Complete replacement of aged exterior siding and water enclosure. Retrofit guardrails, gutters and downspouts. Rebuild balconies. Replace existing windows and sliding glass doors.


161 Units; 41 Buildings

Building Construction Type

Type V-B

Duration of Construction

3 Years


Summit Ridge Community HOA


Townhome Condominiums

Contract Value

$14 Million


May 2021 – March 2024 (estimated)