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A Residential Renovation of a Historical Home in Los Gatos, CA.

Project Details

  • Location
    Los Gatos, CA
  • Year
  • Size
    2,824 sq ft
  • Type


This historical home had foundation issues which required the diligent expertise of Blackstone. Furthermore, the house had water intrusion issues in several locations which required identification and elimination. In addition to the removal of the structural issues, the client required certain renovations to bring the home up to Los Gatos standards.

01 – The Kitchen Downstairs

02 – Exterior Flashing


Renovating and Updating the Kitchen & Bathroom

Blackstone worked directly with the Architect/Engineer and the client to formulate a plan which would resolve the current issues. The first step was to shore the house so the foundation work could be completed and resolved. The second step was to complete the interior renovations of the basement. The basement had suffered water intrusion issues as a result of the foundation problems. The issues were identified, resolved and the interior of the basement was completely renovated to bring it up to the client’s standards.

The next step was to renovate the front porch of the property as the result of the foundation issues. The porch was redone, maintaining the essence of the historical feel of the home. Upon completion, the exterior siding and windows were removed and replaced. Finally, Blackstone helped to resolve electrical and plumbing issues surrounding the project thus providing a complete renovation to the project.

  • Open Concept Living Space

    Open Concept Living Space

  • Lower Level Bathroom

    Lower Level Bathroom

  • Lower Level Kitchen

    Lower Level Kitchen

  • Lower Level Sitting Area

    Lower Level Sitting Area

  • Kitchen Appliances

    Kitchen Appliances

  • Window Trim and Finishes

    Window Trim and Finishes

  • Custom Stairs & Railings

    Custom Stairs & Railings

  • Fireplace Mantle

    Fireplace Mantle

  • Main Level Bathroom

    Main Level Bathroom

  • Bedroom



    Completely Updated
    Living Spaces

    The result is a completely renovated historical home with the features of a modern Los Gatos lifestyle. Blackstone was able to resolve all of the water intrusion issues at the source and eliminate all of the original foundation and structural issues discovered on the project. The client is pleased to have a home that was built within budget and schedule that is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

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