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Outside of One Pearl Place

Restoration and Renovation of Water Intrusion Related Deficiencies

Project Details

  • Location
    San Jose, CA
  • Year
  • Size
    182 Units + Clubhouse
  • Type


This apartment complex located in San Jose is split up into a 5-phase GMP project. It is faced with many water intrusion related issues which are currently being resolved by Blackstone throughout each of the five phases while simultaneously working to complete an entire interior renovation of each of the units. Blackstone has worked to identify the water related issues, resolve them and provide a healthy building to the client post litigation.

Water Intrusion Repairs at One Pearl Place in San Jose, CA

01 – Water Intrusion Repair

Scaffold outside of One Pearl Place in San Jose, CA

02 – Scaffold


Remove Damaged Materials & Repair Exterior of the Entire Building

Blackstone approaches each of the phases with a singular purpose, to meet the needs of the client as efficiently and effectively as possible. With this purpose in mind, Blackstone works diligently through each of the units throughout the phase, identifying the water issues, resolving them, and providing the client with a building far better than it was before. Through the meticulous work of the Project Manager, the interior of the units is also organized and managed so as to provide the client with a renovated apartment completed in conjunction with the exterior repairs. The complete interior unit remodel is all inclusive of flooring, electrical and cabinetry.
  • Exposing the Water Damage

    Exposing the Water Damage

  • Exposing the Water Damage

    Install New Metal Lath

  • Installing New Metal Lath for Stucco

    Lath Prepped for Stucco

  • Interior Repairs at One Pearl Place

    Interior Renovations

  • Interior French Doors

    Interior French Doors


    Still a Job in Progress, More Results to Come

    The result is a completed phase providing the client with a structurally superior building and interior units which are greater than their predecessors. Blackstone has worked to communicate throughout the phase with the client and the construction management team on the progress of the project and its schedule. Blackstone continues to work towards providing the client with a superior apartment complex.
    Almost done interior view of One Pearl Place

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