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Apartment Complex

Full Weather Proofing Renovation on Multi-Unit Apartment Complex

Project Details

  • Location
    Sacramento, CA
  • Year
  • Size
    280 Units
  • Type


This apartment complex faced moisture content issues within the units themselves. It was up to Blackstone to develop an innovative approach to resolve the issue for the client and reduce the condensation within the units. Furthermore, the resultant damage from previous moisture had to be identified and resolved within the buildings.

Lights outside Terracina Gold Apartment Complex

01 – Exterior Lighting

02 – New Flashing


Weather Proofing the Entire Apartment Complex

Blackstone utilized two humidity control units within each apartment to mitigate the moisture/humidity within the units. The control unit works with the apartment’s heating/cooling system to keep the humidity in the unit at a comfortable level. Blackstone worked with the client to identify the degree of humidity acceptable to ensure balance within the unit. Additionally, each unit was assessed for damage from previous moisture. The damage was removed and the unit was renovated to provide for an apartment with the best quality available.
  • Outdoor Patio at Terracina Gold Apartments

    Exterior Patio

  • Terracina Gold Apartment Complex

    Exterior Finishes

  • Terracina Gold Apartment Community Center

    Community Center

  • Terracina Gold Apartment Exterior Renovations

    Fencing and Landscaping

  • Terracina Gold Apartment Exterior Renovations

    Exterior Lath/Plaster


    Safe, Dry, and Updated Apartment Complex

    The client was pleased to be presented with a solution to the moisture issues they faced within their units. The humidity control unit proved the correct solution and Blackstone was able to find the correct balance. The damage was resolved and the client was provided with a set of apartments ready to be rented at full capacity.
    Terracina Gold Finished Renovation

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