Multi Family Residential

A Renovation Project for a Bay Area Office with Living Spaces Above

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    San Francisco, CA
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    4,063 sqft
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This unique building in San Francisco with its window front façade faced many water intrusion issues when Blackstone was approached. The windows and sliding glass doors were all facing water issues of which Blackstone required a plan of action. Nestled in beautiful Pacific Heights, this property is subject to the sometimes-cloudy weather conditions facing San Francisco residents, necessitating a fast resolve to these water issues.

01 – Balconies and Railings

02 – Front Street View


New Framing and Replace Exterior Plaster/Lath

Blackstone developed a plan with the homeowner’s association to isolate the cause of the water intrusion and resolve the issues. This solution included the removal and replacement of the windows, siding and sliding glass doors in the affected areas. Any resultant water intrusion in the light wells was also remedied.
  • Updated Security

  • Exterior Balcony

  • New Plaster/Lath

  • Exterior San Francisco Renovations

    Balcony and Railing


    State-of-the-art Living Space in San Francisco

    Blackstone properly removed and fixed the water damage. All affected components including siding, windows and the sliding glass doors were removed and replaced to prevent further water damage. The client was pleased to provide their residents with functioning units.
    Exterior San Francisco Renovation Results

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